Saturday, October 15, 2011

October Stuff

Two days before Carson turned 11, Sam went on an 11 year old scout campout with him. Camping in October, in the rain, is really really far down my list of "fun things to do", but Carson was in HEAVEN! There are only 2 eleven year old scouts in our ward so Sam also brought along our nephew, Nick. A twelve-year old scout joined them as well. The 11 year old scout leaders in our ward are awesome and I'm so excited to see what the year brings for Carson!

They got to retire a flag. I never knew what this consisted of. Apparently just before they began the process, the scout leader talked to the scouts about it and said "I don't want you telling your friends you burned a flag! You tell them you RETIRED a flag!". ha ha! He understands boys very well!

Ahhh, my kind of camping....SAGEBRUSH camping.....NOT!!! If you call it "camping" there better be a forest.

Yep, that looks about right for a scout camp face. Nice and dirty!

I asked Carson what his favorite part was and he said "the lizard we found at the end!"

When they got home from camping Sam took the boys swimming...for 3 hours! I couldn't believe they went swimming for that long. It definitely wore them out!! When they got home we let Carson open one of his birthday presents:

And now I can't stop singing the song "show-a show-a how you roll, drop it, drop it, drop it low...." I even hear Cameron singing it when he doesn't know I'm around! ha ha!

Sunday the 9th was Carson's 11th birthday. He wanted a Club Penguin membership, which he got and was THRILLED about.

He also received a Hex Bug spider robot, which was wicked awesome!

We also had a yummy dinner at my parents house and enjoyed the fact that I still have a few years before a teenager lives at my house!

A few nights ago we went on our annual pumpkin patch excursion. My friend, Traci, had never been to a pumpkin patch in her entire life! So, I dragged her along and she was tons of fun and brought out the most hysterical behaviors in my kids. Seriously, it was funny!

The best was when Traci the troll snuck behind my kids pictures!

I told you Traci got my kids all wired!

The fam. Guess what? I just started my 3rd trimester! yahoo!!! I had an ultrasound last week and they confirmed I was having a girl. Let the new adventures begin..... :)

Cameron loved the tractors!

Sam, Carson, Parker, and Traci got lost in the corn maze, ha ha!

Alrighty, time to go visit my dad in the hospital...again. Poor guy! He has a very naughty pancreas!

Saturday, October 01, 2011

Jake's Obituary

My nephew passed away on Thursday, September 29th. While we are overcome with sadness over the loss of a dear family member, we are so thankful he is out of pain. His passing was peaceful and we are comforted by the knowledge of eternal families and the Plan of Happiness.

Sam talked to Jake's mom, Rose, this morning and she wanted to be sure I expressed her heart-felt thanks to all those who have been so generous towards her family. Many of you don't personally know Jake's family but your prayers have been felt and have helped ease the burden of their trial. Thank you so much! --Carrie

Jacob Charles Holladay

Born April 19, 1991, in Salt Lake City, Utah with his best bud, John Matthew Holladay. He was one of 5 boys in the Holladay family. Those left behind are his parents, David Owen and Rose Sweet Holladay, brothers Zachary, John, Michael and Spencer Holladay…and their dog, Molly. Best friends that were like brothers from other mothers…Austin Buchanan and Kyle Joyner.

Jake returned to his Father in Heaven on September 29, 2011...a joyous day for him…a sad day for us. So happy he is finally free from the awful pain that came with cancer…but we will miss him more than we can express in words.

Jake was diagnosed with cancer on June 15, 2010. Later we learned it was called Rhabdomyosarcoma (we never heard of it either!) He started chemo in July, radiation in August, surgery the following June, endured many pokes and pricks and lots of sick days and hospital stays. He was just applying for college when it all started. Too sick for school or work, he spent his last year recuperating and enjoying life as much as he could.

As bad as cancer is…the tender mercy it provides is time to say good-bye, time to make more loving memories, time to serve and love, time to laugh, time for extra kisses and hugs, time to bond and seal in our hearts the love and memories we have of Jake.

Jake lived only 20 short years. He loved to laugh and make others laugh. He was a good listener to all of his “girl” friends. He loved being in the mountains, four wheeling, fishing, hacky sack, shooting with dad, paintballing, laser tag, golf, gaming sleepovers…hanging with his bros and buds and pretty girls. Jake would meet friends all over the country through gaming…of course he liked the girls the most. He was always texting them and helping them through their challenges. Jake was known for being a great friend.

Those who preceded him in death are his Grandpa, John C Holladay, Uncles John and Don Holladay, cousin Thomas Sweet, most recently a favorite great Uncle Jack Bailey…and a cat named Tigger (but we didn’t tell him he died, we just said he ran off! Maybe he knows now!)

Jake, your little hand prints are in stone in the garden.

I’m sure there are more handprints on the walls downstairs…and your love is imprinted in our hearts…forever. Thank you for loving us and making it easy for us to love you. You are one awesome Holladay! We are proud to call you brother, son and friend! Our love will always transcend the veil of this earth. Thank you for watching over us as we try to find our way without seeing you around…without feeling your hugs. Peaceful journey, my son.

Funeral services will be held Tuesday, October 4, 2011, 11:00 a.m. Viewing October 3rd, 6:30-8:30 p.m. 1200 East 2178 North, Lehi, UT