Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Escape Artist

Parker makes me laugh, and then he freaks me out.

Guess what? I got my haircut tonight and the lady getting her haircut at a close by station was Jerry Sloan's wife. She is kind of bossy. She brought her own boom box so she could listen to the Jazz game. The louder my friend and I got, the louder her boom box got. I'm not at a sports bar lady! Sheesh! She did ask me how I got my hair to "do that" which made me laugh. She said she liked it, and coming from her, I believe her. Something tells me she would have no problem letting me "have it" for having ugly hair.

My brush with sorta fame. I guess I can cross that off of my "things to do in 2009" list. Phew, almost didn't make it.

Happy New Year!!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Let The Punishment Fit The Crime

Cameron has a terrible habit right now. He can SENSE when somebody leaves the bathroom door open and he runs inside and plays in the toilet. He has done this countless times over the past few days. It's highly annoying! No matter what punishment I give him, he just keeps on doing it. I've tried swatting his bum, putting him in time-out, and flicking his fingers. Nothing works, he just laughs and keeps on doing it whenever he can.

Yesterday I told Carson and Parker over breakfast: Please close the bathroom door after you've used the bathroom. If one of you forgets and Cameron plays in the toilet, I'm going to make YOU put YOUR hand in the toilet!

Well, Parker got this incredible look in his eyes, it was a cross between amusement and fear of crazy mom. He has been completely dedicated to shutting the bathroom door every single time!

Carson on the other hand....well, for a germophobe I thought he would be committed to the closing of the door but he's been incredibly spacey lately...his brain is on Christmas Break. He forgot all day yesterday! I was even feeling compassionate for him (I wouldn't want to put my hand in the toilet! Ewww!) so instead of punishing him, I kept reminding him. I think I reminded him about 10 times yesterday!

This morning before breakfast, Carson left the door open. I sternly reminded him. After breakfast Carson washed up and left the door open, again! Cameron ran in before I could turn around and was playing in the toilet1 Aghhhh! I have had it!

I found Carson and he slapped his forehead and said "Oh sorry! I forgot!". Too bad suckah! All I did was point to the bathroom and Carson sheepishly walked in and stood in front of the toilet. If he was a dog, his tail would have been between his legs! I opened the lid and just stood there. I'm KICKING myself for not recording this scene. It was so funny I almost couldn't contain my laughter. Carson stood there for a full minute hoping I would change my mind. I think he saw the look in my eyes and knew I wasn't changing my mind. I told him he had to reach all the way in and touch the bottom of the bowl. He moaned "ahhhh maaaaannnn!" and slowly lowered his hand into the bowl and touched bottom!

While he was washing his hands for a good 3 minutes I again reminded him that he must remember to shut the door! Guess what? He remembers now! He has since gone into the bathroom for one thing or another 3 more times this morning and every time he has remembered to shut the door! Success!!!!

Creative parenting, it can and SHOULD be fun!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Holly Jolly Christmas Twenty Oh Nine

Well, Christmas has come and gone. The toys are all put away, the decorations are lovingly packed, and all that's left to remind me of Christmas is the big bowl of Christmas candy on top of my fridge. I'm pretty bummed that candy cane Hershey Kisses are only seasonal, man those things are soooo good!

We celebrated Christmas Eve at Nalani and Jed's house. It was great! Cash and Cameron were happy once we gave them their own bowl of Ranch Dressing. The carrot stick was just the way to transport the ranch dressing to their mouth (well, kind of, a lot didn't actually make it inside their mouth....eating is hard when you are under 2!).

We had our traditional Left/Right gift exchange game. Cody received bacon chapstick and Meridith got Corndog chapstick. The bacon kind nearly knocked my socks off when I smelled it.....and then Cody put some on his lips! Aghhhh! Meridith looked at him and said, don't even think about coming near me! ha ha ha! My mom received bacon gumballs and Carson ate one. As we were leaving to go home he had the most disturbed facial expression. I asked him what was wrong and he said "I ate one of those bacon gumballs and I can't get the taste out of my mouth!!!! Shudder.

Nalani and I capped off the evening by giving Cameron and Cash pop rocks. They kept opening and closing their mouth, like a little fish. It was awesome.

The boys were able to wear their new pajamas that Aunt Cindy made for them before we went home. They loved them! They stayed in these pajamas until Christmas night. Thanks Cindy!

Christmas morning: This was the first year that I didn't have to wake Carson up. He was awake and patiently waiting for me to come downstairs and tell him it's time to get up. I wonder how many more years that will be the case? Sheesh, I NEVER slept on Christmas Eve! My kids are so mellow about it, it's just not right I tell ya! Santa was good to us this year, my kids really are really appreciative of what is given to them, it's so sweet!

I was pretty dang excited about my gift this I can really do some mixing! Bread anyone? Yahoooooo!

My brother Darren gave us this beautiful photograph, it's already hanging up in my living room. The perks of having a photographer for a brother, I'm so lucky!

If any of you have a son in elementary school, he probably loves the "Diary of a Whimpy Kid" series of books. My parents gave Carson 3 of the books and he has already read 1 1/2 of them since Christmas Day. Sure the books have some potty humor in them, whatever it takes to get kids to read, right? :)

The kids received lots of Bakugan toys, they were in heaven, and Sam got some shoes and is good! We tried getting a cute Christmas morning picture of the boys in their pj's. Oh well, we tried.

Oh yeah, Santa gave Sam some Mountain Dew Chapstick. hee hee!

Carson's main gift was his very own tent! Yay!!! One less child in my tent when we go camping. :) Ulterior Motive? You bet your bottom dollar!

Saturday Sam took the kids sledding, they came home smiling even though they had some wicked wipeouts!

And just like that....Christmas is over. I can't believe it! Here's hoping for a quiet and boring January!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Sweet Christmas Par-Tay 2009

Saturday was the Sweet Christmas Party, and let me tell was the best one evah! I can say that because Sam and I were in charge.

Sam is the youngest of 8 kids and when we all get together there are about 50 Sweet's running around, or shall I say Sweeties? Anyway, it's mayhem, chaos, amazing, loud, fun, and I look forward to it every year. This year we were able to break away from the church gym location to a much nicer venue: This is the Place Heritage Park!

My brother-law-works at the Park and he gets a "free rental" every year as one of his perks. He was kind enough to let the whole fam in on that freebie. Thanks Jeremy!

We arrived a few hours early to set up and hang out at the park before it opened to the public. We brought sleds and let the kids go hog wild. This picture makes me cackle. I don't have a clue what is going on, but I bet Parker knows!

Action shots, Sam even tried using the saucer sled as a snow board. Classic!

The house in the background is where we held our party:

Cameron cried really hard about 60% of the time we were there. We were there for over 7 hours so that's a lot of crying. I think he hates crowds and noise...he better grow out of that real fast!

There were reindeer at the Park and we got to help feed them:

After a traditional Ham dinner with the troops, we all scattered to play in the Park for awhile. We rode the train. It was really fun and everyone loved it, even Cameron...until the last 10 minutes, then he screamed to make sure we didn't forget he was there!

We all gathered again at the house and did a cousins gift exchange for all the nieces and nephews, a White Elephant Gift Exchange, an Ornament Exchange, and then we put together a Christmas package for my nephew Zack, who is on a mission. It was a superior time! My ears are still ringing from the noise, and that is how is should be! See that cage that Cameron is standing in? That is what we received from the While Elephant anybody want it? :)

As we were cleaning up the place, Cameron and Parker fell fast asleep on James' lap. James bet Carson a dollar that he would fall asleep on the way home. Carson insisted that he wouldn't.....he was asleep before we hit the freeway!

The best part.....We aren't in charge for another 8 years!!!! MWHAAAHHAAAAHAAAAA! Merry Christmas to me!