Thursday, May 24, 2012

Same Ol' Stuff, Different Day

We are continuing to find nails in our grass. At a penny a nail, the boys take it pretty seriously.
I had a really nice Mothers Day! My boys all made cards for me that were super cute. Carson made a coupon book with coupons such as "free advice on how to rearrange furniture downstairs", "one hour of babysitting", "cook dinner", and my favorite "clean downstairs bathroom. All other coupons must be used first!". ha ha. At church, the boys made flowers in primary with a peanut butter cup on the inside. Parker and Cameron's were in perfect condition when they handed them to me. Carson's was missing the peanut butter cup (ate it!) and the flower was crumpled up and shoved in his scripture case! Nice. ha ha!
The boys did help Sam make dinner on Mothers Day, which was awesome!
Still loving this little turkey.
Also, just because we are home almost every day, that's no reason to lay around in jammies! It's okay to look stylin' to lay on your back and play!
For Mother's Day, Sam gave me a porch swing. It's wonderful! At least once a day, Cameron and I go sit on it and solve the world's problems. Here's Cameron's best problem solving position:
We've been playing at City Creek in Salt Lake a bunch lately. The fountain shows at night are pretty coolio.
Fern came with us one night and bought Cameron a Book of Mormon at Deseret Book that he really wanted. He carried it EVERYWHERE! We took a little TRAX ride an Cameron held it up for everyone to see. Do you see the tears in his eyes? He tripped and fell FLAT ON HIS FACE right before this picture was taken. He never let go of the book though! What a man!
The eclipse was AWESOME! Sam wasn't home and I was busy getting kids ready for bed when suddenly I noticed the lighting outside was sort of eerie. I went outside and the first thing I saw were these amazing shadows on my next door neighbors house. That's when it hit me....the eclipse!
Then I looked at my fence and saw this shadow. It's my favorite!
Elipse pictures are cool. Let's do it again real soon! Oh....wait..... Lillie Belle had an ultrasound earlier this week to figure out her bizarre birth mark thing. The ultrasound doctor called it "Vascular Malformation" and my Pediatrician told me it's called "Infantile Hemangiona". It's basically a bunch of blood vessels that form strangley and bundle up beneath the surface of the skin. The ultrasound was to see how deep the malformation went. Luckily, hers is just sitting on top of the muscle so they are not concerned. It might get bigger until she's about one year old and then it should shrink and go away by the age of 2. If we have to look on the bright side, at least she'll be a modest baby and always wear undershirts with her sun dresses! Trust me, I don't want accusatory looks from strangers if they see it. It looks like I beat her! Scary! I dealt with enough strange looks when Cameron wore a helmet. I don't need to relive those days.
Cameron had his last day of preschool yesterday. At least for this year! Ha ha, he still has another year of preschool to go before Kindergarten. Suck-ah!! It was a wet and rainy day at the park for his last day, but he didn't care. He was so happy and fun. I'm happy too because now I don't have to wake Lillie up in order to take Cameron to school. It's win-win!
What's everybody doing for Memorial Day weekend? We are going to the Hill Air Force Base air show with the rest of Utah. Repeat after me: don't freak out, it's just a bunch of people who are crowding my personal space....don't freak out, don't freak out.....don't....freak....out.

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

How Long Have I Been Asleep?

I know it's been a little while since I've updated, but I just went into my blog and the format is COMPLETELY different! Aghhhh! I hope I can still figure this out since I'm totally technologically challenged... Okay, all logic frowns upon me because I know the importance of keeping this blog current. Especially since I have a new baby (who is now 4 months old!) and I don't want to forget these sweet experiences. However, I am tired and barely able to keep my life in order so it's terribly hard to do something extracurricular such as a blog. Kapeesh? Nonetheless, I HAVE to document because I feel like I'm losing brain cells at an ever increasing rate these days so.....shall we? In no particular order, because figuring out what happened when would make me hide in a corner, rock back and forth, and suck my thumb: THE ROOF Oh my goodness. We just replaced our roof.
It has needed to be done. My neighbor were tired of collecting our wind-blown shingles from their yard and disposig of them. Luckily, we have an amazing neighborhood full of friends who are willing to rip off two layers of shingles so the new roof could be installed! A HUGE thanks to everybody who helped! You guys are AWESOME! Despite all the tarps on the grass, we still have countless nails embedded into our lawn, so you need to wear shoes on my grass OR make sure you have your tetanus shots updated! So happy to have this project done. Huge thanks to Mike Brough for doing the install. He's got roofing skills to pay the bills!
Speaking of skills... Adam Yauch from the Beastie Boys died last week. I'm honestly so sad about it. I know that sounds crazy because I didn't personally know him, but I grew up listening to teh Beastie Boys! About the same time Sam and I were married, the Beastie Boys came out with the album "Hello Nasty". We listened to it constantly! In fact, when I was pregnant with Carson, he would rock out in my belly while we listened to the CD in the car! just plain ol' sucks! RIP ADAM! It's definitely the end of an era. Hey I remember what happened in April....two of my nephews were married! Congratulations to Zack and Caitlyn:
Cameron meditated at your reception. The whip cream on his nose helped him focus.
We got a picture of Lillie (chunky monkey) next to my nephew's (Aaron and Danielle) baby, Tavin. Tavin was only a few weeks old here:
2 week old baby placed into the center piece of the table? Sure, why not? Nothing is off limits to the Sweet family!
One of these things is not like the other.... If you guessed Carson you would be wrong. It's Jessica. She's the only one with a last name different than "Sweet"! haha. That's okay Jess, yo mama USED to be Sweet! Oh SNAP! I swear Sydney is not a long lost Oompa Loompa. I think it was just the lighting! Even so, she's a gorgeous Oompa Loompa! Sydney, Robyn, Fontella, Emilee, Jessica, and Carson
Oh, now you are just embarrassing the poor lad. Ever since Carson's maturation program at school, he uses this phrase at least once daily: Mom, this is making me uncomfortable! No worries though, he has the pamphlet from school titled "Changing from Boy to Man" to help him get through the next 5 years of awkwardness! **evil laugh**.
The same day at the Maturation program, Carson had scouts that night. His scout leader said the boys were bouncing off the walls. At one point Carson eagerly told his leader "The girls got pads, but the boys didn't!". As Sam picked up Carson from scouts, his leader told Sam "remind me to never hold scouts the same night as the maturation program again! By the way, Carson probably has more questions now....". ha ha! My other nephew, Dallin, got married in April as well. Congratulations Dallin and Marla!
And now some random pictures from my phone and instagram:
Lillie is still a joy to have in our lives. She rivals Carson for being my happiest baby. Now, as long as she never develops Night Terrors, she'll beat Carson. Sorry Carson, you held onto your title for a long time but it's time to let it go, you are almost 12! :)
Lillie had her 4 month doctor appt a few days ago. She is growing super fast. Here are her stats: Weight: At 2 months she weighed 9.26 lbs which put her in the 14th percentile At 4 months she weighs 13.55 lbs which puts her in the 50th percentile! Height: At 2 months she was 22.5 inches which put her in the 58th percentile At 4 months she is 24.5 inches which puts her in the 61st percentile Head: At 2 months her head size put her in the 7th percentile At 4 months her head size puts her in the 19th percentile She is not really a little runt any longer! She doesn't roll yet, but all my kids were late bloomers. She likes the Bumbo chair, she always clasps her hands together, she smiles, laughs, and is just starting to reach for toys. Her red hair still stands up on end, but if I put some lotion in her hair I can kind of get it to lay down. Her brothers ADORE her and always fight to play with her. The way she looks at Carson melts my heart. I told Carson that one of his goals in life should be this: That Lillie will still look at him the same way today, as she does when she's 16 years old. Seriously, it's so sweet! One issue Lill has is this big red splotchy growth in her right armpit/chest area. At first the pediatrician thought it was a birth mark but it's gotten bigger and is really spongy feeling. At her appt on Monday he said there was no chance it was cancer or anything like that, but we are going to do an ultrasound on it to see how big it is underneath. At some point she'll probably have injections to shrivel it up. Ewwww. There's always gotta be something, right? At least she didn't have to have a helmet or anything like Cameron did. Not sure I could handle that again!
Okay, I think that's a big enough post for now. Fern started a petition on FB to get me to update. Fern: Mission accomplished!