Thursday, January 28, 2010

Crusty Cameron

When my brother Mike was a youngster, he could muster up some pretty dang crusty parents called those glares the "Darth Vader" look.

Fast forward 30 some-odd years and here comes Cameron. Oh my....he can be so crusty! So cute and happy one second and then like the flip of a switch, Hello Mr. Cranky Pants, back so soon?

Ironic enough, Mike (the original Darth Vader) was visiting here a few weeks ago. He lives far far away so we don't see him too often. The first time Cameron saw him in our house, here's the look he gave Mike.

Not to worry though, he wiped the smirk off his face once he realized what a cool dude his Uncle Mike is! Now they are best buddies...I guess it takes a Vader to know a Vader. I'm just sayin'! ha ha, just kidding Mike!

Just for you Star Wars geeks: I had to look up Darth Vader's name in Google to be sure I was spelling it right. I came across a website that is full of Vader quotes!
"I find your lack of faith disturbing."
"Perhaps I can find new ways to motivate them."
"Asteroids do not concern me, Admiral. I want that ship, not excuses."
"When I left you I was but the learner. Now I am the master."

So anyway...
Carson did have a cavity the other day. It was in a baby tooth, so since it will be falling out in the next few years the dentist told Carson they could fill it with a spectacular color.

Carson chose Blue. He has a blue filling. That just seems really weird to me, sometimes it hurts my soul to think outside the box. All I can say is.....GO COLTS!!!!! ha ha ha!

Guess what I got to do yesterday? I was able to drive to Blackfoot Idaho with my dad and brother and go to the funeral for Ellis Oram. Ellis is my cousin's grandpa. He was an amazing man, full of humor and kindness. I've never cried/laughed so hard at any other funeral in my life! Just when things got too sad, somebody told a story about him that made my sad tears turn into tears of pure hysterical laughter! Let's just say I was completely exhausted once I got home, too many emotions in one day!

Here's a few funny stories:
When Ellis was 18, he decided to leave small-town-Utah and hitch a ride on a train to California to make a name for himself. Imagine his surprise when the train ride Pocatello Idaho! Even more surprising, he stayed in that area for the rest of his life!

His son came home 1/2 hour late for his curfew when he was in High School. When Ellis tried talking to him about it, his son gave him a bit of an attitude. The next morning when the son got up to drive to school in his 1970 Camero, the car wasn't in the driveway. He went to his dad's work, which was Blackfoot Motors....and his dad had sold his car that morning! Can you imagine?

Same son was in sacrament meeting and his dad was the Bishop. Son's friend was sleeping during the rest hymn, so he woke up his friend and said "Dad asked you to say the closing prayer.". As soon as the hymn ended, the friend got up and prayed. Bishop Oram got up and said "Thanks for that lovely prayer, but we still have 2 speakers to hear from."! Ha ha ha ha, I totally want to try that one some day!

The list goes on and on....Ellis was funny so all his children got the same humor gene, which is just one of the reasons I like hanging out with my cousins! Ellis will be missed!

Sunday, January 24, 2010


Since I'm going to the dentist tomorrow, I've been thinking about teeth...

Carson and I were wrestling around the other day and I said "I'm going to bite your arm, tell me when it hurts and I'll stop". So I did.

Carson looked at the bite mark on his arm and said "Your teeth are so straight!!! How is it possible, that they are so straight?"

I said "My teeth weren't always straight, I had braces when I was in High School"
Carson's reply, "You didn't need braces!!! Look how straight your teeth are!!!"

Whatebs. Then he bit his own arm and showed me the teeth marks, "look how crooked my teeth are? Oh man, I'm going to need braces for sure!"

Carrie's teeth:

Carson's teeth:

Yeah braces are in our future, but for tomorrow, I'm just hoping for no cavities!

Look at this dude. He is a crack up.

Over the past few weeks Cameron's comprehension has sky rocketed! I can give him simple instructions and he knows exactly what I mean: put it in the sink, put it in the garbage, put it in your laundry basket, go get your blanket, go tickle dad, time for night-night, where's elmo?....the list goes on and on. I'm loving it! He's also developed a wicked/awesome sense of when to scare people. He'll hide around a corner forever until I walk by and then he'll growl at me. Seriously, I've had goose bumps more than a few times!

Unfortunately, we're still trying to teach him not to head butt the wooden corner of the couch. These things take time.

I do enjoy checking out the progress of his bruise every day, it keeps changing colors....It's like Christmas every morning for me!

Carson and Parker go back to school on Tuesday, after being out of school since before Christmas. Gotta love year round school. I'm actually quite bummed they are going back. I've enoyed lazy mornings! Plus, I don't spend as much money when my kids are off track because let's face it...who wants to go shopping with 3 boys?!?

Here's to one more day of freedom boys!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I'm Back

Wow. This is the longest I've gone without updating my blog since I started it...4 years ago!

2010 has proved to be quite the odd year so far.

I'm just sitting here, not knowing what to say so I'll just blab about what comes to my mind:

My mom had back surgery. My poor mom! She has been dealing with awful pain for over a year since her knee replacement surgery, and then she had to have back surgery on top of it all. It was pure mayhem to put it lightly! My dad was practically living at the hospital with her so he could help her get through it. I was doing my best to help my dad, but my kids are off track so everything I did came with my entourage of boys. The medication she was on made her hallucinate, and I'm not talking about fun stuff. It was awful. Then the hospital released her to a rehab facility that was pretty run down. They tried to put my mom in a room to share with somebody who owned a dog. Pretty unsanitary. Then they ended up putting her in a room with somebody who was crazy and screamed at my mom in spanish. It was ridiculous. My brother Mike saved my sanity, he flew out here from Indiana to help share the burden of "what should we do now?". He completely energized my mom and dad and helped make difficult decisions until everybody was happy with the outcome (my mom is now home. She has home health care physical therapists).

During all this, I had my own health scare that has lasted about 9 months (not baby related! ha ha!). Not really appropriate for the blog, but it was extremely painful, and kind of escalated pretty badly before it could be resolved just this past week and I'm so happy it's over. Things are good as far as that is concerned!

I've had very near and dear loved ones go through some difficult emotions and trials. It consumes me because I just want to put my arm around them, love them, and tell them everything will be alright. Obviously, it's not that easy and these things need time--which stinks for somebody like me who has no patience.

Then there's everything that is happening in Haiti. Oh my gosh, I can't NOT watch the news coverage but at the same time, it's so painful I want to hide my eyes. It's so sad. Again, I want to put my arms around those people and tell them everything will be alright.

All this and today is only the 19th. Holy crap. I think I didn't want to update my blog because it sounds so negative. But, there you go. That's what has been happening.

Don't despair though, it hasn't all been bad!

I was able to attend a baby blessing for a dear friend, whose family I honestly consider my own "2nd family". Holla to the Hansens! Seeing you all made me ticked that we don't see each other more often! ha ha! I wasn't able to attend their grandma's funeral, but Sam was and I'm so thankful they allowed us to be part of this sacred time in their lives.

Carson attended his first ever Pinewood Derby and came in 2nd place. He loved it!

Finally, I'm so excited because my sister-in-law is prego and she's having a girl! Girls are almost unheard of in my family so we're all in shock! I also have 4 cousins who are expecting and so far I know 2 are girls and 1 is a boy. Family gatherings are about to get even crazier! Yay!!!!!

Here's to a happy last half of January!