Saturday, December 29, 2007


I guess I better do a posting about Christmas before we hit 2008...

I had a wonderful Christmas this year! All the stress and preparations were worth it because everything occurred just as it was supposed to. PHEW!

We had a yummy Christmas Eve dinner at my parents house: home-made pizza and crepes. Divine! Carson was really diggin' the pizza making. He chose what we put on the pizzas and I think he was pretty shocked that people listened to him. Merry Christmas Carson, don't get used to people listening to you! ha ha ha. Here he is pulling the pizza out of the oven with my mom.

And here he is standing by his favorite kind of pizza....cheese! Truth be told, it's my favorite pizza as well. That's my boy!!

Sam had a great idea to keep Christ in Christmas. He found a quiz on the internet, or "interweb" as he calls it, and it's all about Christ's life and ministry. Carson and my mom were a team, and that left Dad and myself (and Parker) as a team. Sam would ask a question, if you could answer the question, you got to draw a Candy Land card and take a turn and move your little gingerbread man. I must say, I had no idea that Carson knew so much about Christ. I figured he'd know the basics, but he was really insightful with some of his answers. Way to go Primary Teachers! hee hee.

Every year we do a "left-right gift exchange" on Christmas Eve. A paragraph is written about each person in attendance and we use the words "left" and "right" as much as possible. Everybody has a gift and when you hear "left" or "right" you pass your gift that direction. It is always a good time. After the left-right game, Carson and Parker opened up their Christmas Eve presents, which are, of course, pajamas. Here they are with their pajamas and their left-right presents they received (and yes, I got the wrong sizes for them. They are HUGE. Better than being small I say!)

Christmas morning was a blast. My parents and Fern, Russ, and Mel came over at 7:30 to watch us open gifts. It made Christmas morning perfect! I think I'll invite Russ every year because as the kids opened gifts, he was the one who took the toys out of the package (you know those lame metal twist ties that hold everything in? I hate those things and he patiently removed each and every one!) and he also helped put batteries in toys and assemble them. Soooo nice! One of the freakiest things Carson got was a robotic dinosaur. It has a "roam" setting and the little monster wanders around the house and moves like a real dinosaur (like I've ever actually SEEN a dinosaur, get off my back, I've seen 'Jurassic Park'!). It even pounces and attacks your feet if you are sitting by it. Really cool, yet really disturbing. Here are some random shots of Christmas morning:

After we were done at my house, we went to my parents house for a divine breakfast of egg casserole, bacon, hash browns, toast....all the fixin's. Then we watched them open their gifts and we exchanged gifts with each other. My parents gave Sam the biggest remote control Hummer I have ever seen. I think he was a little excited, what do you think? No matter how old boys get, they still need to get toys for Christmas!

Sam and I got the boys some clothes for Christmas, but we decided not to wrap the clothes because we were tired and they wouldn't care (remember on "The Christmas Story" when the boys opened socks on Christmas morning? They looked at each other, shrugged, and tossed them over their shoulder). So here are matching shirts we got Carson and Parker, they wore them yesterday. Parker doesn't look too thrilled, it's like he KNOWS we are laughing at his expense!

My parents gave Carson this piano mat that you walk on and it plays the notes. The kids played with it all morning today...that is, until Parker got plum tuckered!

Merry Christmas 2007 ya'll!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Sweet Christmas Party

My title doesn't mean "sweet" as in "Dude, that is a sweet mullet", it's "Sweet", like Carrie Sweet...

We had our annual Sweet Family Christmas party on Friday night and it was a most excellent time. The longer I am in the Sweet family, the more I appreciate and love them. They are quirky, funny, sometimes quiet, but there is always someone nearby to laugh with....or at....and most of all, they are the most accepting and loving bunch of people that I've had the honor of knowing.

Sam wanted to get family pictures of each of his 7 siblings and it ended up being the highlight of the evening. The pictures started out serious but by the end of the night we were laughing so hard at all the funny poses. The party was at "Pipe N Tube" which is my brother-in-law's old office building....and it has a pool, hot tub, and kitchen area to boot! The building is for sale and Sam really wants to buy it and turn it into our house....

A HUGE thanks to my cousin Cody for all his camera lighting accessories and to our friend, Ryan Patterson, for his fancy camera!

This is a typical photo from the evening...Parker couldn't sit still. So we call him the "ghost child" in this photo:

Remember that pool I told you about? Well, the kids couldn't STAND being next to a pool and not getting they both have water spots on their sweaters in this picture. Thank goodness for Photo Shop because Sam removed the spots...however, I can't locate the fixed photo for this blog so you'll get the full effect with the untouched picture! I seriously LOVE Parker's ears!

We found some nice props as the evening went on...such as this lovely stuffed goose. Here are Sam's nephews, Zack, Jake, and John (or maybe it's John and Jake...give me a break okay? They are identicle twins!).

Out of all the pictures Sam took (around 60) this one is my FAVORITE. That is Sam's oldest brother Jeff, his wife Cindy, and Elizabeth and Dallin. I think they were making fun of Jeff for looking pregnant or something, but I can't believe how hard Cindy is laughing!

Here is Sam's brother James, and his kids--Nick and Sydnee. Nick is wearing his dad's glasses and hamming it up:

Here is a precious photo that should be framed!

Here is Fontella with all 8 of her children:

Here are the bro's. I think it's funny that they are all different in height, yet their right hands are all lined up at the bottom of the picture....

Now for some snap shots with the normal camera...
We don't do gift exchanges for the adults anymore because it got too crazy, but the cousins all draw names and get each other a gift. They try to keep the cost around $10. I like this picture of Dallin--all he wants is money for Christmas so his cousin was smart and wrapped a $10 bill around a Snickers bar. Score for him!!

Parker got some awesome PJ's that his Aunt Cindy made along with some books and Carson received some cars that he loved. For some reason, we didn't get pictures...

Once the gifts were opened, we couldn't contain the kids any to the pool! The pool wasn't really heated though so there was a lot of chattering teeth and goose bumps...but of course they still swam! Here is Parker just after he got out.

And Carson:

Lastly...Fern asked Parker who he loved more, Fern or James. Parker instantly responded "Fern". Then she said "who do you love more, Fern or Mom?". Parker said "Fern!". Then I said "who do you love more, Mom or Fern?" because I thought he was just saying the first out of the two choices. He said "Fern!" and killed my theory. So here is Fern paying Parker to love her more. I'm fine with that as long as she keeps the funding going until he's done with his mission and college!!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Shandy Tagged Me

Here's my response to Shandy's tag:

Four jobs I have had in my life:
1. NAPA Auto Parts doing whatever they asked, which usually ended up pretty scary.
2. Painting fences at some Equestrian Tracks with my cousin Maile. More paint got on us than the fences.
3. Picking Raspberries at a raspberry farm when I was 12. Raspberries are still my favorite berry to this day!
4. Hogi Yogi for one day.

Four movies I watch over and over:
1. Sound of Music
2. Cars, because Parker loves it
3. You've Got Mail
4. Forrest Gump (just bits and pieces of it, there are some great one-liners in this movie!)

Four places I have lived:
1. Salt Lake City Utah
2. Rexburg Idaho
3. Redmond Washington
4. West Jordan Utah

Four TV shows I watch:
1. The Office
2. 30 Rock
3. American Idol
4. So You Think You Can Dance

Four place I have been:
1. Indiana, thanks to Mike and Kim
2. Boston, MA thanks to my job
3. Vegas, thanks to my boss and her vacation house
4. Cincinnati OH, thanks to a really crappy airline experience

Four people who email me regularly:
1. Sam
2. Fern
3. lots of co-workers
4. lots of insurance agents

Four of my favorite foods:
1. Training Table Club sandwich
2. Sticky finger rice bowl from Wingers
3. Fried Rice from PF Changs
4. Tostado pizza from CPK
Do you think I eat out a lot?

Four of my favorite songs:
1. Lake of Fire by Nirvana
2. Dreams by The Cranberries
3. Killing me Softly by The Fugees
4. Without You by Eminem
Okay, that was hard, my song choices change all the time!

Four things I am looking forward to in 2008:
1. Having my baby
2. Knowing what my baby's name will be
3. Sleeping a full night again
4. Parker starting pre school

I won't tag anybody because that's how I roll.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A Few Things...Before I Forget

Saturday morning Sam and I woke up to Parker saying "I have to go potty". He insists on making this announcement before he'll just go into the bathroom and take care of business. We heard him put the stool in front of the toilet, we heard him tinkle, and then we heard him flush the toilet. Then, all of a sudden, we heard quite the racket. It involved, something like the stool falling over, the shower curtain 'whooshing' and a really loud "THUMP". Then I counted...1....2....3...and right on queue, Parker started to HOWL!

Because I'm blind as a bat (and let's be honest, I was laughing) Sam ran into the bathroom. Parker had fallen off his stool and right into the bathtub. He smacked his head pretty good in the process and wasn't very happy about laying in the cold tub on a Saturday morning. This picture was taken about an hour later, I don't know why I didn't capture the goose egg while it was bigger because it was a beauty!

After Parker's tumble, we were all wide awake. So we decided to get ready and go to Park City to do a little outlet shopping. It was fun and VERY cold. Don't mind my dusty dashboard, but check out the temp! BRRRRrrrrrrRRRRRR!

Finally, I have to show you a picture of Rudolph that Carson drew today at school:

This is really sad to admit, but I think Carson draws better than me. If I tried to draw Rudolph, you would probably think it was a whale or something hideous like that. Good job Carson!

Friday, December 14, 2007

More Birthday Fun

Tonight I went to dinner with Curtis and Shandy, my parents, and Fern and Russ for my birthday. I chose Village Inn. Why would I choose THAT restaurant? For lots of reasons...It sounded good to my pregnant taste buds, it's cheap, and I love eating breakfast for dinner!

Speaking of breakfast for dinner, check mine out!

Here we are at dinner! Mom, where are you?? I can only see your hair behind Sam! :)

Parker showed us his cool trick, VERY FUNNY kid.

Parker learned a valuable lesson tonight: Don't lean back in your chair because sometimes gravity wins! He fell right over backwards at Village Inn and smacked his head good. I asked him later if he was going to lean back in his chair ever again. He solemnly nodded his head 'no'. Lesson learned, move on!

We went back to my parents house after dinner for cake and ice cream. My dad had his co-workers over at their house earlier for dessert and here is his dessert table he set up. Very fancy!!

I had Carson and Parker help me blow out my candles and Sam got this cool action shot.

I like this picture of my mom with Parker, Carson, and Dexter. My boys love the train under the tree and Dexter was lovin' that piano!

Parker had a little accident tonight...he learned ANOTHER valuable lesson (lucky little man!)...if you are sitting on the "throne" and you don't push "it" down, you "go" all over your pants. While the pants were in the dryer, Parker paraded around in this lovely tan towel. Curtis thinks I'm going to mess Parker up and make him want to go around wearing dresses from now on. Let's hope not!

And finally, if anybody wants to do a "secret Santa" project, can you buy Curtis some socks? He would really appreciate it!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Happy Birthday...To Me!

Today is my birthday, shout hooray! It's my birthday, do what I wanna!

I have had a very nice 33rd birthday. It started with me waking up to this:

Sam had wrapped some presents for me and displayed them on the kitchen counter with 2 dozen long stemmed roses in the middle! What an awesome husband I have!

At around 2:30 this afternoon I heard the garage door go up. I looked outside and Sam was pulling into the driveway! He took off early so he could come home and hang out with his family. Honestly, that was the best present I could ever ask for! We have been so busy lately we hardly have any time to just hang out around the house. I loved it.

Tonight I opened my fun gifts and here I am displaying them all at the same time. :)

I am pretty dang excited about the Sorel boots. I haven't had snow boots since...probably High School! The past few years when I've shoveled the driveway I've had to wear Sam's boots and they are about 6 sizes too big!

Check out the Willow Tree "creche" Sam gave me as well:

Two years ago Sam gave me the rest of the Willow Tree nativity and it's by FAR my favorite Christmas decoration. I want to just leave it up year round!

Thanks for all the phone calls, emails, text messages, and visits from everybody today. It's been a fabulous birthday!!!

Saturday, December 08, 2007

The Christmas Season Has Arrived!

As most of you would agree, I'm sure, the month of December is CRAZY with all the happenings. I wouldn't have it any other way, I just love it! I love making lists of all the things I need to accomplish and I LOVE crossing things off my list when I have finished my tasks. Yes, I'm a nerd and I have no problem with that!

Here's what we've been up to:

We decorated our house. That is a major item I crossed off my "to do" list. Here are the boys helping me decorate the tree. Yes, Sam does have an ornament hanging from his nose, to him, that is very normal... (sorry it's sideways!)

Here are Parker and Carson laying down by the tree, enjoying the atmosphere. Yes, Carson does have a ball in his mouth, to him, that is very normal...

Another thing I like to do during the Christmas season is make lots of treats. Here are a few things I've done:

My mom helped with this one: White Chocolate Popcorn...oh man, it's really good!

Mom helped me with this one too, Toffee. I could probably eat the whole pan by myself because it's just that dreamy. However, going to the doctor every month and having to stand on a scale convinced me otherwise!

I also made nougat and caramel, but (GASP) I didn't take pictures of that! :)

Last night we had our ward Christmas party. It was fun: great food, great company, and great activities. Each family received a graham cracker gingerbread house and we got to decorate it. For some reason, Sam got one of his very own so he had fun being creative with it.

I'm speechless..

It's not Christmas without some of the white stuff. Holy cow, we received a huge storm last night. It started snowing at about 7pm, Friday night and when I woke up today at 7:30am it was still snowing. My poor trees and bushes were looking pretty burdened! Sam was shaking the branches for me because I was worried they were going to break and a huge amount of snow fell right on top of him! I think he liked it!

Later today, after it stopped snowing so much, Sam and the boys made a snowman. I asked Carson what he was doing in this picture. He said "I was sleeping on the snowman's shoulder!"

Sam took these pictures and I absolutely LOVE them! Where there is water, there are my boys. Thank goodness for my clothes dryer!

Next on my "to do" list: Christmas cards, my company Christmas party, I get to celebrate my 33rd birthday (scary), some final shopping, and the Sweet Christmas party. I'm super excited about all of it!

Let's see what everybody else has been doing this month, consider yourself TAGGED!