Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Hanging Around

Wow, I'm really struggling to keep this blog current! I used to take my camera everywhere. I still do, but it usually stays in the vehicle instead of actually being used!

I finally went outside this evening and took some pictures just so I could add them here. Oh yeah, I accomplished something!

Before I get to that, I wanted to give you an update on my nephew, Jake. First of all, thank you so much to everyone who expressed an interest in helping send his family on a vacation a few weeks ago. We were able to raise enough money to fund the trip which was so generous. If you want to see pictures from the trip, read For the Sake of Jake's blog, the Sept 15th and Sept 17th entries. While you are there, go ahead and read the Sept 21 and Sept 25th entries as well. The amount of love shown to Jake's family over the past year has inspired me and has taught me life lessons I will never forget. Jake's mom, Rose (my sister-in-law) also has a personal blog with updates and family pictures: click here. I've said it before and I'll say it again: Rose is probably the most faith-filled person I've ever known. Her perspective through this larger-than-life trial has been incredible. Unfortunately, Jake is in his final days. He is bed-ridden, drinking juice once in awhile. We were able to go visit him on Monday night and tell him we love him. I'm so thankful for that opportunity. His whole body is covered in cancerous tumors except his face, forearms, and feet. It brings me to tears to think about how much pain he is in but I'm so thankful he is surrounded by a loving family and a loving neighborhood who come over regularly to help the family.

Here is what we've been up to the past few days here on the home front.

Cameron LOVES his plasma car. These things rock and I highly recommend them. He seriously could spend hours a day outside riding it.

Actually, it's a good thing Summer is over. The way he drags his feet while riding the plasma car has done a number on his flip flops! ha ha!

Something I've been meaning to blog about for awhile and keep forgetting: When I had my first ultrasound, Cameron was with me. You know how the ultrasound is in black and white? Well, a few days after the ultrasound, I heard Cameron tell somebody "I'm so excited to meet my black baby sister!". I laughed it off because I totally understood why he'd think she was black. Then the next week in church, his nursery leaders were laughing when I picked him up because they said "I hear you are having a black baby girl!!". Whoops, I guess I should explain to Cameron that she will be white. He'll probably be very disappointed. Actually, I'll probably just wait until Cameron meets her. You know, let him figure it out on his own. It's good for him, right?

Guess what 2nd grader FINALLY learned to ride a bike? This guy!

On Friday night Parker learned. On Saturday morning Parker said to me: I just thought I was a scooter guy! Now I know I'm a bike guy too! ha ha! I just love that kid!

Fall time is real purdy in my yard. I have these amazing blooming mums and dahlias in my island. That purple dahlia is as big as Parker's head!

My Zinnias are super tall and gorgeous this year. Love the Zinnias!

I planted a ton of pumpkins this year. But it only looks like 3 or so pumpkins are actually growing. OH well, seeds are cheap. This one looks like a watermelon but I'm pretty sure it's a pumpkin!

Well, Cameron has been soaking in the tub for the past 20 minutes, I guess I should go wash his pruney booty! G'night!

Monday, September 12, 2011

The Haps

My dad's been in the hospital this week. This is his second time checking in to the Hospital in the past 3 weeks for a pancreatitis attack. Who knew the pancreas was such an important organ? Seriously, you never think about it until it decides to reject your body and every crumb of food or drop of liquid you consume! Crazy bad stomach pains is what he's been going through. The doctor's had to put a feeding tube up his nose and down into his intestines, bypassing the pancreas, just so the pancreas could have a time out for being naughty.

The boys and I have gone to visit my dad quite a bit--to either cheer him up or make him happy he doesn't have little ones at home...not sure which end of the argument he would agree with yet. He's not talking much. Maybe he's remembering what his mom used to say to him: "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all!" ha ha!

Anyway, one day Carson and Parker were there with me while the phlebotomist was drawing blood. She was taking several tubes of blood and Carson and Parker had their noses right next to her watching every move she made. At one point I noticed Carson's face was a little pale. I asked if he felt okay and then reminded him (in the same breath) that if he fainted we would all laugh at him! Probably because Carson was nervous, he started talking a mile a minute. I think Parker said "How much blood do we have in our body??" and Carson piped up and said "I KNOW! We have 5 gallons of blood". I had no idea if this was right so I looked at the phlebotomist and she smiled and said "that is right!".

Who knew? So, just so I could be a part of the conversation, I said "Hey Carson, you know that bucket in our garage that you throw all your otter pops wrapper in? That is a 5 gallon bucket. So, if we drained our blood, it would fill up that bucket.". Carson just looked at me for a half second, and then yelled "Manslaughter! I slaughtered a man!".

I laughed. I laughed hard. If you don't know why he said this, watch this video:

We love Brian Regan at our house!!

Do you know what I love more than Brian Regan? I love how witty and grown up Carson is getting. His sense of humor and sense of timing have seriously knocked me off guard more than a good way!

Another example:
One day there was a little bit of ice cream left and I decided I deserved it. Carson and Sam were sitting in the kitchen as I took the ice cream out of the freezer and was getting ready to empty it into a cup on the counter. Carson was asking for some and I was telling him "too bad" or something like that.

I tipped the ice cream container over my cup and dumped it....only for the ice cream to plop right onto the counter instead of my cup. Carson laughed really hard and said "KARMA!". Oh man, it was funny. Carson has made me realize that these pre-teen years are fun and as he continues to mature, I have a feeling we are in for some more good laughs in the future!

Another Carson related story.
The other day we were trying to go somewhere as a family. I was going crazy because nobody was listening to me as I was shouting out orders: go to the bathroom, get your shoes on, go to the van.... Grrrrrr. I suddenly realized that the sprinkler in the backyard needed to be turned off. I asked Carson to turn off the water. He went into the backyard and as always, he turned it left instead of right to turn it off. I was exasperated by this point and I shouted "REMEMBER, Righty Tighty, Lefty Loosey!" and then I sent everybody to the van. Sam was the last one out the door and he was totally laughing. I asked him what was so funny. He said "I'm laughing at something you said, but I don't want to make you more mad.".

I took a deep breath and said "tell me". He told me that when I was yelling at Carson I actually said "Righty Tighty, Loosey Goosey"! It was all I needed to chill out. I laughed so hard! I can't believe Carson didn't make fun of me right on the spot! Maybe Carson cares for his life and was worried about my reaction. I'm sure he'll make fun of me one day for it!

Man, this post is all about Carson. Today I asked him to get me a soda from our little fridge we have in our garage. He happily obliged. Then as I opened it I realized why he was so willing. The dang can exploded all over me. Carson just silently laughed in the living room. Ah yes, the ol' shake-the-can trick. Next time I'll ask Parker to get the soda!

Sam took the boys on a hike last week just to give me a break. He also brought one extra--Devin. They thought they were pretty dang cool. Uh-oh, the rushing water is giving Cameron a strong desire to do something...

Also last week, we celebrated my nephew's birthday. Happy birthday Dexter! He had a pirate themed party. It's always a good time hanging with the fam.

Oh hey, guess what? Carson earned his Arrow of Light scouting award! I'm still trying to understand scouts, so I'll share with you what I learned. The Arrow of Light award is the only rank that you can bring with you from cub scouting to boy scouting. That's right....all the other items earned over the last 3 years are just garbage now! ha ha, just kidding....sort of. It was cool though, he turns 11 next month so we will bid farewell to cub scouting....until Parker turns 8 next June. :)

Finally, I can tell I'm the mother of 3 boys because Cameron started preschool last week and I never took a picture. So lame! Anyway, Cameron goes to school for three hours on Mondays and Wednesdays. He seems to like it and I'm tripping out a little bit that I have all that time to myself on those days! I'll try not to get used to it though because in 4 months I'll have a little bambino to care for!

As long as I'm confessing my lame-ness....Parker's class does something called "Celebrity of the Week". This week is Parker's turn. The teacher sent home a note letting us know all the things Parker has to bring to school each day this week so they could celebrate him. Today he was supposed to bring a poster all about himself. Oh no, I'm supposed to get creative? Oh yeah, here's my creativity: Parker did a similar thing in 1st grade, but his special week wasn't until school was almost over in the spring! So, I took that poster off his wall and handed it to him and said "here, this was only made 4 months ago, use this for today!" He was pretty skeptical but was happy to oblige. When he came home today I asked how it went and he was laughing because some kids from his class last year recognized the poster and pointed out that it was the same one! Whoops, hadn't thought of that angle! Ah well, Parker didn't mind and I was thrilled not to have to make another poster. Go ahead, judge me.

Parker's teacher did a spotlight on him and here's what she wrote for the class to see. It makes me larf out lard.

Parker Jackson Sweet was born June 20 in SLC. He has brown hair and blue eyes. He lives in a gray house with the 5 people in his family. Parker is adventurous. His favorite color is green and he has lost 2 teeth. When Parker grows up he wants to be a spy. He loves corndogs, soccer, and Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Parker wishes he had 1000000000000000 dollars. He can do 20 sit ups and 12 push ups. Parker is a fan of scary movies, spring, and the book Ben 10. He would love to have super vision so that he knows where he is going. Parker is faster than a speeding turtle. He "no way" paints his toenails. He can just about ride a two-wheel bike, and he would love to drive a Corvette all the way to Disneyland.