Sunday, February 12, 2012

As Long As Parker Is Around...

As long as Parker is around, we will ALWAYS have something to laugh at! He will also keep me humble, which is important, don't you think?

We had Stake Conference today. It was a wonderful meeting and as usual, we hung around afterwards visiting with everybody and taking entirely too long to go home. Seriously, we love to chat, it's just the "norm" for us. As we were leaving, Carson and Parker were being rowdy so Sam shoved them outside (lovingly, of course) while we got Lillie buckled into her car seat. As we started heading outside, Carson informed us that Parker was peeing in the bushes. I totally did not believe him because Carson's greatest joy is trying to trick us into believing his jokes. So I said "yah right!" and walked outside. To my horror, there was Parker, peeing in the bushes RIGHT NEXT TO THE MAIN ENTRANCE of the church!

We quickly asked him what he was doing and he responded with "I had to go to the bathroom" in the most normal, bored voice ever. Luckily, most everybody had left the church since we took so long going home. I think a teenage boy walked out after us so he is probably the only one who saw....hopefully! Sam told Parker it was inappropriate and as were were walking to the car, and Parker was zipping up his pants, I saw Sam totally laughing quietly. Phew, I'm not the only one who found humor in this! We should count our lucky stars: At least he's not 2 and pulls his pants all the way down to his ankles when he urinates! ha ha!

Here is Parker trying to take a nap on his body pillow this afternoon. He is seriously the funniest (is that a word??).

To make matters worse:
We were eating lunch after church and for a treat, I gave the boys a cookie from our freezer. Parker took a bite and doubled over while holding his mouth. He's had a loose tooth for about a month. We said "Oh man, did your tooth come out?" He said "no, it just made it more loose! I can feel a bigger gap now". I asked him to open his mouth so I could see. I was laughing so hard because his mouth was all bloody and his tooth was GONE! I said "Parker, your tooth is gone! Did you swallow it?" Yep, he did. Poor Parker.

Parker was pretty upset but we just told him to write the tooth fairy a letter. He did. It says "Dear Tooth Fairy, I swallowed my tooth. Please give me money anyway". Yeah, I think we should have some fun with this one...

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Yep, More Pictures Of Lillie

I've been cooped up in my house for almost a month. Shockingly, the only pictures I have to show for it are mostly of Lillie.

Sunday best!

These two are best buddies. I love it!

I took these pictures this morning. Just to keep it real, Lillie had just had quite the B.M. and she was wide awake and alert (maybe a little freaked out) after that experience!

"Gosh mom, do you have to tell EVERYBODY about my bowels? Uh-Oh, here comes another one...."

"I have a hard life: eating, sleeping, pooooooooping"

"I think I'll write a rap song about it. My hand is perfectly placed for my pretend microphone...which is convenient since I have NO CONTROL over my spazzy hands!"

"That's enough for today. I'm pooped (punny!), please leave me be so I can get my beauty rest."