Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Cousins Dinner...Sweet Style

Last weekend Sam's cousin hosted a cousins dinner at her house. No kids preferred which was nice because then the adults could actually visit without all the chaos. It was fun and fancy! Have you ever been to the lookout point above the state capitol? You might refer to it as the make-out point? Oh NOW you remember it huh?? ha ha! Well, let's just say we were really close to that location. It was beautiful!
We did bring Lillie, she was putting the moves on her Great-Aunt Belva! Seriously, she never snuggles but she knew a good thing when she had Belva holding her.
I think Belva would have held her all night, but she got too heavy to hold. Seriously, the girl is large and in charge: 92 percentile for height and 62 percentile for weight. My boys were always 50/50 so she is messing with me! It was a fun night, thanks for opening your home to us cousin "M"!:
We got slammed with snow this week. It's been a welcome change for me, the few days prior to the storm we were in the 70's. It was bizarre! However, I always cringe when I hear the words "Mom, can I go play in the snow?". You know what that means....I have to find boots, snow pants, gloves, hats, and coats for all three boys. And, since it's the first storm of the season, I have to HOPE and PRAY I have something that fits all three boys! It took me an hour to round everything up. Then they played for about 20 minutes and were ready to come back inside. Happens every time. It drives me crazy!
While the boys were pretending to be rugged, I took some pictures of Lillie. Awwww, she is fun. Have I told you she is my best baby of all my kiddos? She is so happy and energetic, I have just loved having her around! She is now 10 months old and has 6 teeth. Hilarious goofy grins!
Now let's go back to July 2012: See what I mean about Lillie being goofy? Ha Ha! She is 6 1/2 months old here:
We decided to go camping just with our little family. We found a fantastic camping spot at the Spruces campground and enjoyed every minute of it! Well, that's kind of a lie. Lillie was a terrible sleeper, besides that part, it was amazing! More than half way through our 3 day adventure I realized I had been using the mens bathroom instead of the womens. Whoops. No wonder I never had to wait! Never a line until I started using the womens bathroom. Oh well, you win some, you lose some!
Here's how Cameron stayed cool this summer: Sitting in a bucket full of water, putting his feet in the kiddie pool, and sitting under the trampoline. Whatever floats your boat, right?
Oh look, sometimes he ventured into the water!
This summer we decided to try and clean up the trashy east side of our house. We got a great start on it. Cleared out all the weeds and tree stumps, tore out the dead vine and chain link fence....Sam, Curtis, and my Dad build a retaining wall against the house and Sam built a wooden fence/gate. Next year we will build a shed and patio. I love checking stuff off my "to do" list! I can't find any after pictures right now but here are a few "during" pictures.
We kept finding ourselves in the canyons this summer to stay cool. We went to Lisa Falls: This picture makes me laugh because it looks super imposed. I swear we were there!
We also walked around Silver Lake. I think it was my first time walking around the lake where I did not see a moose. Bummer! However, I'm glad Cameron didn't fall in the lake this time. That was an unfortunate experience for all!
Hey look, I got am caught up through July! Go me!

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