Saturday, November 03, 2012

Some More Catch Up....And Halloween

Halloween was great fun this year! The high that day was 75 degrees! Global warming? Prolly. I'm not going to lie, it was real purdy. Sam and I were invited to a Halloween party a few days before Halloween. I'm not really into dressing up, but the host of the party asked guests to dress up as a famous duo. Due to the afro of mine, we had to go with Frankenstein and the Bride of Frankenstein. Lucky for me, I have very creative friends who know how to put together a costume. Plus, we found a wedding dress at Savers for $11!! SCORE!
Here's my creative friend. She and her husband went as Drew Carey and Mimi. Hilarious!
The party was a blast, tons of hilarious games (eating a donut off a string, while wearing vampire teeth! So hard!!) plus a competitive game of Fear Factor. I just looked through the pictures and almost started dry heaving just looking at the stuff people ate! At the end of the party, Sam showed everyone how he made his chest look so big for his Frankenstein costume. ha ha ha! Greatest goodwill find ever!
Now I'm looking back to June of 2012 for some randomness: We went to Lagoon with our friends, the Colasurdo's.
It was scorching hot, like 105 degrees. However, every fiber of my being got drenched on Rattlesnake Rapids. I looked like a hot mess, but I didn't feel like one! ha ha!
Think about all the disgusting and dirty hands that have gripped this bar...and my son puts his mouth on it! AGHHHHH!
In July of this year, we had the Sweet family campout at Willard Bay. I've never been to Willard Bay. The beach was fun but it was sooooo HOT and the campground is right next to the freeway. We all had a good laugh (cry) about not sleeping. :) Here's my niece, Chelsea. ha ha!
Here's how I managed to stay cool without ripping somebody's head off.
Here is my brother-in-law James. He was our entertainment while we stayed cool in the water. Everybody needs a James in their life. He's always good for a laugh!
We had a ton of rafts and canoes so we basically let the kids go crazy and use up all their energy. It was perfect!
The next day after the Sweet campout, Parker got baptized! Yay for turning 8 years old!!! We were all a little fried and tired but it was a great experience!
It rained a little bit but that's okay, it felt good on our sunburns!
The most tender part of the day was when Parker bore his testimony to the family. We had Carson do the same thing when he was baptized. It was so sweet. Parker was nervous but we just told him to say what was in his heart. He gave the most eloquent testimony and talked about how he felt so good inside. It was a tear-jerker for sure!
Play time.
There is Uncle James, chasing Cameron down the street...
My kids love to egg him on...obviously!
This picture was taken in July and I just NOW noticed the photo bomb by my nephew Spencer! Hilarious!
That's a good place to stop for now. More to come from July in another post...

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fern said...

that was a fun trip down memory lane! love, love, love your costumes!!