Saturday, September 29, 2007

My Weekend

I love this time of year...the cooler temperatures, the leaves are changing colors, I get to help my kids decide what to be for Halloween, and the stores are full of Halloween candy!! I had a craving for green apples and then I saw the Kraft caramels...of course!! Caramel Apples! They are delicious and we all had fun making them.

We went to Gardner Village the other day because they totally decorate the whole village with witches and pumpkins and all sorts of fun Halloween stuff. They have a huge pond with ducks and fish....Carson threw a little pebble toward the ducks and it landed on a duck's back, and stayed there. It's impressive but he still had a lecture of "don't throw things at the ducks!"

These witches were brewing up something fun and by the tilt of Carson's head and his flexed fingers, you can tell he was wiggin' out and loving this scene!!

I'm trying to potty-train Parker...again... It's such a pain. This is something I wish they could teach themselves! Here is Parker talking to his daddy on the phone telling him "I'm a good boy, I'm sitting on the potty!"

Today we've had some big success with the potty-training. He had about 3 accidents yesterday and never successfully went on the toilet. Today, he had 2 accidents and 2 successes in the toilet!! I learned that he didn't like "sitting" so I put a stool by the toilet and he likes to stand and pee. I was so focused on this "stance" that I forgot to talk about the difference between going #1 and #2. Well, as you may have guessed, he was standing...I wasn't in the bathroom...he started FREAKKING out...I walked into the bathroom...he yells "It's BROWN and it's not a spaceship!"...I look down on the stool...there is a big ol' #2 just chillin' there!! EWWWWWW!!! I was brave and said "Parker, this is mommy's fault. I forgot to give you all the details of potty-training. You are a good boy!!!" GAG!

Lucky for you, no pictures of the above event!

There is a new mega-hospital opening up next month in Murray called the Intermountain Medical Center. If you are cool, you'll just say I-Med. There were public tours there so we went with my parents to check it out. Very snazzy indeed! Too bad my OB's office is staying at LDS hospital because the maternity ward was so beautiful! Of course, the Life Flight helicopter was there so that was a magnet for the boys in my family. We even stayed until the closing of the open house so we could watch the helicopter take off. Parker's words: That was really really really so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today was the first snow of the season. Yesterday was close to 80 degrees. Today was in the 30's for a good part of the day. See, I LOVE this time of year because it's so unpredictable!

Now I have to convince Sam that it's not too early to put up Halloween decorations. Wish me luck...

Friday, September 28, 2007

Shandy's Tag

I've never been "tagged" before so I guess in the blogging world, that means I'm not very popular! Well, that's nothing new!! :)

My husband: Samuel Levi Sweet

How long have you been together? We've been married for 9 years and our dating time is's a long story.

How old is he? Um...31, I think...

Who eats more? From the looks of it, you'd think I did, but I swear Sam does. He likes to eat in restaurants with me because I can never finish my plate so he does it for me.

Who said "I love you" first? Sam did, it was very tender

Who is taller? Sam is

Who sings better? It's not even a contest, Sam sings WAY better than me. When I sing Carson gets mad because I'm out of tune and he yells "That's NOT how it goes!!"

Who is smarter? That depends...are we talking about guessing how long it will take us to get from point A to point B or something else like deciding how to make a pulley system out of the garbage can? I'll let you figure that one out.

Whose temper is worse? Again, it all depends on the situation. On average I'd say my temper is worse but don't ever get around Sam when he's got road rage! :)

Who does the laundry? This is my "dirty little secret"...I actually really enjoy doing the laundry. In fact, I'm doing laundry right now! I love sorting the clothes, changing the loads, folding the clothes, and putting them away!

Who does the dishes? Before I was prego, I always made sure the dishes were cleaned up every night before I went to bed. Ever since the pregnancy, Sam is a trooper and he has taken on this role for me.

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? I do. It's furthest from the door. I hoped that would make the kids wake Sam up at night instead of me, but alas, the kids just walk around the bed so they can wake me up.

Who pays the bills? I do. It's another one of those things I really enjoy doing.

Who mows the lawn?: That's a funny story...Sam insisted we buy a lawn mower that is not self he always mows the lawn! :)

Who cooks dinner? I'm ashamed to say Johnny Carino's, Wingers, Cafe Rio, Wendy's, Taco Bell....unless it's Sundy and then my awesome parents cook!

Who drives when you are together? When we only had the Bonneville, Sam always drove. Now that we have the Odyssey, I prefer to drive.

Who is more stubborn? Usually me, but in a "stand off" Sam will always say "who wants it more?" and then it winner is declared.

Who is the first to admit when they are wrong? Sam-I-Am

Whose parents do you see the most? Mine, I would never miss out on a home cooked Sunday dinner!

Who kissed who first? sam kissed me, with a flower in his mouth!!

Who asked who out? Honestly, I'm not sure. We were set up by our friends Nat and Neal and then we just started hanging out from that point on.

Who propsed? Sam did, and it took me by surprise!

Who is more sensitive? I am

Who has more friends? We have the same friends so I guess we're even

Who has more siblings? Sam does, he is the youngest of 8

Who wears the pants in the family? Um...I guess overall I do...

I am tagging:
Natalie S.

Monday, September 24, 2007

One More Parker & Sweet Hair & Lost Tooth. Oh My!

Just another random photo of Parker:
My friend had her wagon in our garage and Parker sat in it, drinking his ghetto-pop root beer, and just chilled!! I swear, he sat like this for almost an hour. I gotta get me one of those radio flyers!

Okay, remember how I said Sam's yearbook had some awesome hairstyles? These pictures are from 1994. Here are a few gems I snapped today:

My 2 favorite mullets (business in front, party in the back!):

My favorite unibrow:

My favorite BIG hair:

My favorite "Sweet" (he is so young!):

Carson has had a loose tooth for a few weeks. Today he was playing with it and loosened it considerably. I told him to get a tissue so he could grab his tooth better and start yanking. He was all worried, and being the compassionate person I am, I told him "here are your choices. You can either pull it or I can pull it..." He wisely chose to do it himself. After about 10 yanks he had this crazy surprised look on his face, that I happily captured with the camera. Then, he showed me the tooth in his hand and the nasty, bloody hole where his tooth used to be. *GAG* *DRY HEAVE*.... This is his 3rd baby tooth he has lost.

Good thing Sarah did a blog posting on the tooth fairy the other day because now I have an idea on how much to pay Carson! I honestly can't remember what he was paid last time... Thanks Sarah!

Monday, September 17, 2007


Parker is growing more odd every day and I think I'm starting to get frightened. On Saturday we were working in the yard and he INSISTED on wearing his life jacket for most of the day! He seriously wandered around the yard, oblivious to cars going by and laughing at him. One day I'll have to teach him the difference between "laughing at you" and "laughing with you". Actually that could be a fun lesson to teach because of course you'd want to have both sides represented...oh the possibilities!

Then just the other day Parker said: Mommy, did you say "good stuff maynard"?
I said "yeah, you should try saying it" and he responded "I can't, it makes me too nervous!"

Then about 5 minutes later I was drinking some Diet Pepsi and Parker wanted a sip. I said "no, this is just for mommy". So he humbly said "Is it too dangerous??"
A part of me wanted to say "Yes, it's very dangerous. You should respect your mama because she can tackle a can of Diet Pepsi without receiving a single scratch!" But I was tired and sick and said "um, something like that...go watch Dora."

Well, Sam's been taking a trip down memory lane and looking at his yearbook from his senior year in High School. I looked at it tonight and started laughing so hard! I may have to try taking pictures of the pictures to show you the radical hair styles! I've never seen such BIG hair or such awesome MULLETS! OH yeah, the guys with mustaches were pretty sweet as well. I love the things people write in yearbooks. Sam has a celebrity entry in his! Do you know the band SheDaisy? Well Sam was friends with one of the SheDaisy girls, Kassidy. Part of what she wrote was "We both have something in common, we both suck at math!!" There, now you all have a connection with somebody famous, who apparently sucks at math...

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Alright Already!

Here's my dang update.

It's not that I don't have stuff to blog about, it's just hard to sit at the computer and blog when I'd rather lay on the couch and gag instead! :)

Okay, first things first:
My friend, Amy Curtis, made the most amazing apple pie with apples from her apple tree! Now, I have tasted her apple pie before so I was already salivating before she actually arrived with it. It was nice because the kids were already in bed so Amy, Sam, and I pigged out on pie and chatted for a few hours. Friends are the best!

On September 7th, Dexter turned 1 year old. Curtis and Shandy threw a great party and we stuffed our faces and enjoyed Dexter's company.
Carson created a new game that night. He held a balloon above the A/C condenser and then he would laugh hysterically to see how high the balloon would go. I swear, that kid is the most self entertaining child I know!

As you can see, Dexter demolished his cupcakes! He didn't even hesitate at all! He is a true CLARK!

Somebody gave Dexter a little rubbery fish lure with another bigger present. I'm guessing it was meant as a joke, but holy cow, Dexter would not stop chewing/sucking/slobbering on it! It was so funny! All the other cool presents were being opened before his eyes and he would hardly react. I love that Dexter!!

This past weekend we went to Governor's Day at Camp Williams. My "boys" (including Sam) were in heaven. They got to play in a Blackhawk helicopter and a tank.

Oh yeah, I need to brag a little on Sam's behalf. He has become obsessed with wakeboarding the past few summers. He has really improved his skills quite a bit! Over Labor Day weekend he went to Flaming Gorge with Fern's family. For the first time ever, Sam was out on the wakeboard at the same time Aaron was out on his. Check him out!

I totally thought this picture was staged but Sam and Carson SWEAR it wasn't. Who ever heard of a 6 year old boy reading while he was camping? Miracles never cease.

Guess what? On October 12th I will have an ultrasound to find out the sex of my baby. What do you think I'm having, a boy or a girl????

Saturday, September 01, 2007

A Stranger's Blog I Love!

I happened upon this story by snooping into a friend of a friend's blog. At least I'm honest, right? So, Mindy, I hope Paige doesn't mind that I am copying this blog post, it's just too funny not to share!

First, read the description to this ebay item.

The person who posted that ebay item has a blog. Here it is, check it out!

She updates every day and her hectic life makes mine seem like cake!!